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NEW! Available for Preorder!

We at Creator's Choice are herbal enthusiasts and  all about being one with nature. What better way to know exactly what you are growing, how it is grown, and where it is coming from? That's why Creator's Choice Gardens, (a division of Creator's Choice Indigenous Dispensary) is proud to offer cuttings available for pre-order to purchase, and pick up in store . 

All of our cuttings are 6-8 inches tall, healthy, fully rooted and ready for transplanting! 

We carry an array of quality genetics!

Available exclusively online March 1 - April 15

(for qty's larger than 10 Please call or email us)

Call today for details! 705-858-7336 or

email your order request here:

You'll be able to chose between these 
(and what you can expect)

    Indica Dominent Effects
 Sativa Dominent Effects
            Hybrid Effects

Typically consumed at night. Commonly sought after for its intensely relaxing effects.  

Short and bushy,  with broad

leaves from dark green to purple.

Daytime or night time use:

Primarily has an energizing effect, uplifting and promotes focus and creativity.

Tall and slim, with thin, light green leaves

Not an extremist? Maybe you just can't make up your mind. Hybrid may just be for you! Just  a moderate amount of both worlds,     a happy medium!

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